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Thendral Sep 29 Written Updates Sun TV Thendral Tamil Drama 29-09-2010 Full Story

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Thendral- 29th September 2010 , today not start with thendral its cyclone for tamil that his mother meet him and scold them that she receives notice from that engaged girls father to pay one crore amount. Thulasi got shocked but tamil cooled thulasi by saying that he know how to tackle this problem. Tamil mother warn him to ask excuse annd sorry from her daughter in law for yesaterdays fight. Tamil also accept all and said that he come for excuse.

Thendral Sep 29 Written Updates Sun TV Thendral Tamil Drama 29-09-2010 Full Story

Thulasi and tamil come to house , there thulasis pre engaged husband waiting to saw both of them. and told that he is well because of thulasi help( as one day in hospital donate blood). Tamil and thulasi both are shocked on seeing that,and doubt its true or not.

After sometime ,tamil ,thulasi ,family  send that man,there durai who gaves signal to murder the tamil . Finally we come to decision that man come here to point out the tamilarasu. Thulasi sithi felt angry on seeing this ,asshe thought he came for fight with tamil. She also don t know the plan of him.

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Today the serial end with whether tamil and thulasi ,muthumanikkam can able to find out the plan ?………………

When thulasi and tamil together lead life?……….

Lets wait and see the episode tommorrow?

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