Thendral oct 1 Sun TV Serial Written Updates Thendral Serial Full Story

Today Tamil Find solution for house.His friend recommend one house which is quites suitable for tamil and thulasi.Tamil come to thulasi place who is staying with grandma in one small cottage now after they get boycott from thulasi father house.tamil talk to grandma friendly way ,tamil promised grandma that he would take all responsibility after marriage.  Tamil and thulasi went to see their house.Both felt satisfied on seeing the house which is more than enough spacious room,hall,veranda. Both of them on dreams followed by duit song on seeing the each room.In kitchen,tamil ask thulasi whether its nice or not.If not we can change our house immediately.thulasi said ” you only tell that thing ,because i dont to cook but for you case i am interested to eat what you cook,.tamil request thulasi to learn to cook from your grandma.Thulasi say”humm………. want to study………then see my child and care of them……….,then cook ok if i have time i do ok……..”.Thulasi express her love .Tamil say ” i think this day is enough for me,but for your lips want to live another hundred years.

duraipandi send man to kill tamil,tamil didn’t know about this,happily went with thulasi.After visiting that house tamil is again followed by the man with knife in side pocket.Tamil is suddenly slip down by rush with other bike person.The man who chased watch quietly and see for time to attack.Both of them fight each other,thulasi loud tamil to stop fighting and leave it.But tamil not want to leave again,again he told that the mistake is not mine.After all that man actually rowdy who hotly take long knife from his back and just put on tamil neck,tamil didn’t expect this from him and he totally stunned.

Thulasi cried deeply,as she does nt know how this happen and what to do

Tamil is still alive or……………

lets see tomorrow

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