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Elavanji as usual plan to know ganga pregnancy.Elavanji got angry on rama who is ganga sister now married elavanji brother.Elavanji want to stop this marriage,but all fake elavanji can t do anything.So,aiya celebrate this marriage in grand way.Elavanji put plan for ramas stomach pain,she want to put kadduka its one of the siddha medicine fro curing more problems ,but more of that will give stomach pain .She put kadduka in milk and kalkandu in other which is going to drink by her.She told her sister to remind that left side milk is kaddukka and right one is sweet milk.She give to rama by telling this milk is good for health after marriage and one must drink this milk for good support .Rama also believe the words what she tell and take the milk.The other one is drunken by elavanji sister as she thought its very good.Rama is normal after sometime ,elavanji watching her for severe pain but its not.elavanji sister got pain on stomach and said elavanji ” oh that milk is drunken by me ,how the pain is for rama and its for me”.
Karthik ,elavanji husband filled with joy with papers in front of his mama telling that” ya i will be getting the loan as soon ,the bank replied me for clearway documents which was send by me , definitely loan sanctioned within few weeks,then i build college happily”.He never reply for that his face us full of flame said to karthi “how will you pay this large amount”.karthi said ” i pay that amount by giving seats and you won t worry about that.Karthi leave that place with order happily.

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