Thangam Sun TV Serial oct 1 Written Updates Thangam Serial Full Story

Thangam- Vijayakumar role aiya,his  daughter in law elavanji who is very possesive character,always in thought of  aiya property only send to er husband and not to ayakudi family,which is aiyas second wife family.Ganga who took care of his sister and brothers without any partiality.

elavanji always planning to down the ganga and her family and she totally hate.With her,karthik her husband also help her for process of plan.

Now aiya who is always giving money to all for the village people in poverty line.But now karthik aiyas eldest son want to build engineering college ,and for that he need one crore amount in hand.karthik told aiya “please give amount by taking loan in bank.

Aiya also agree with him ,subu his wife  said “not to ask for loan in bank as you are the great person ,asking loan is not nice”.aiya convince her that i am going for my son wishes ,so let it be”

Aiya went to bank, there they saw managers thought of he came for the money deposit.Later,he comes to know while hearing of breif about loan.

At that time,Elavanji wants to know whether ganga is really pregnant or not.So she plan idea to go and check ganga with some pooja kungumam.

Elavanji told to athai and mama that she prayed god for ganga delivery and this kungumam was very effective when it applied on ganga i want to meet ganga.They felt happy by these words and affection on ganga.Aiya gave permission to meet ganga.

elavanji went to ganga house.what?

Ganga is not there at that time.So she waited……….

After Some time ,ganga came to house.Really ganga surprising that elavanji visit and pooja matter.Gnaga has little bit of doubt on elavanji,she asked  for what matter you came here?

The serial end whether elavanji come to know about gangas pregnancy while applying?if ganga was really pregnant what is the elavanji reaction?

Who knows? lets see tomorrow…………………..

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