Thangam Oct 4 SunTV Serial Written Updates Thangam Serial Full Story

Thangam- aiya order his wife for rupees ten thousand.She also take and gave him without knowing reason,thenaiya ask her “why don’t you ask anything ,just you came and give amount without asking any question .She said i never ask you because you gave for only good reasons ,Aiya told that he had dream and in that ganga his second wife daughter with his son ,so i want to do anna thanam for peoples.His wife “With happy said really good news to hear this”.Seeing all those happenings inside the hall ,karthi and elavanji really want to know whether ganga is really pregnant or not.

Elavanji went to his father to tell about doctor and the matter was doctor told that ganga was pregnant and she promised elavanji.Elavanji felt so sad, her father tell his daughter ” please don’t be tension ,and i am here to spoil ganga life”.

elavanji father ask loan for 2 crore ,the manager told him for the documents he has having and meet me for sanction then i will do my best . Suddenly he said this  is very small amount for me so with the name of me and take in charge and give me loan as soon .But the manager refuse to do it.Elavanji father blackmail bank manager  not to issue loan for aiya ,if he gives i will do what to be not on your life,please think it of and  decide for the loan sanction.He  remind and blame bank officer that this place is sold by me for the bank.

Aiya with broad minded person do all well to that village people,he never want to spoil anyone.But elavanji and her father planned for slip in aiyas name.

Ganga Pregnant be true? who knows?

Wait till tomorrow………..

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