Thangam 28 September 2010 Written Updates SunTV Thangam Full Episode

Thangam -Main role by movie actor vijayakumar play aiya role,  popular hit actress ramyakrishnan play ganga (his daughter role), other  serial artist. After hard work ganga become IAS who marry kannan who is also IAS in other district.

28th September 2010 Thangam Sep 28 Written Updates SunTV Thangam Full Episode

This week Aiya going to ask for loan upto 3crore for his son karthik who is first wife son and also planned to give tarcher to second wife and her family. Ganga is aiyas second wife daughter love all his brother. But after knowing that his eldest brother plan , she avoid karthik brother and mama muthuarasi family.

Karthik wife went to hospital for medical check up for knowing the reason for late preganancy. At that time lady doctor who is already get suffered by ganga by the disobiedient timings in hospital,and ganga the collector suspend her for two months. Lady doctor told karthik wife that ganga came for abosion here and i attend the case. So ,ganga is not pregnant. Karthik wife really happy and treat her sister in one of the hotel.

The next day ganga father in law choose name for unborn baby and said to his wife that he going to get  school seat now itself. After hearing all this ,ganga skip that we decide afterwards and went to collector office.

Gangas mother in law got call from the village sister who is already created problem in gangas marriage,hate ganga the most. She said that ” don t give give too much rights to ganga ,stop ganga s work ,be an kanana wife,thats enough”. The serial end whether ganga going to resign the job?……………….

She is pregnant or not?

Lets see tomorrow what happen?

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