Sun Tv Serial Thirumathi Selvam 29th Sep 2010 Written Updates Tirumathi Selvam Serial Full Story

Thirumathi Selvam 29th Sep 2010 Written updates: Today  with opening ceremony of Departmental store Vasu wife come to selvam house and invite them for opening.But unexpectedly, archana sister open the door and got angry thinking she is one of the person for her sister and mamas situation without own house and scold vasu wife who is really be true affair of his family. At that time selvam and archana came and stop that fight and ask vasu wife to came inside.

Archana  with politeness in her eyes told her sister that she is not reason for the blaming ,and she is now alone lead life without vasu would you know that?
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on the other hand kaviya one of the  archana sister,recently maried.Raju who wants to marry her but……….,so he came to company tarcher her…

Kaviya did nt know how to tell this to her husband who is close friend to raju.

Lets wait tommorow how the opening of departemntal store ?

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