Pratigya 5th October 2010 Written Update

Pratigya telling that Kesar cannot become mother ever! And all that same reaction as yesterday! Then SS gets up and says – wht do you mean by saying Pratigya that Kesar can’t become mother ever? He blames Pratigya that she is taking revenge by saying all this! She better shut up or else it will be too bad! He takes the report back n asks Pratigya to show – whr is it written? Krish interferes – How can you say babuji that it is not written? SS says – “thats the fact! Pratigya is using her education to exploit us, to make us fool!” Krish says – “wht rubbish? Wht will Pratigya gain by telling lie abt Kesar?” SS entirely blames Pratigya for the report n he spits out some garbage abt Pratigya! (How dumb yaar! Itni useless family! Sleepy Why do the members hate to reason out?)
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Krish objects – “why will Pratigya lie? She just read whts written! And babuji, its your habit! You blame ppl without reason! You have gone crazy old man!” SS shouts back! He is mad that Krish is calling him crazy! LOL He asks Krish to leave the house and Krish is staring back in anger! Thank God the doctor arrives! *Phew*! SS asks the doctor to read the report! Doctor says – “the report says Kesar’s womb has been damaged n hence she cannot become mother ever!” SS threatens the doctor to read the report properly or else he will kill him! Pratigya objects that Doctor is reading wht is written in the report! SS goes mad and tries to kill the doctor! ROFL Krish frees the doctor of SS’ grip n the doctor runs for his life! Krish scolds SS that – he has completely gone crazy! He does not believe wht the family member is saying, but will believe anything an outsider will say!

Amma starts crying – blaming the fate! Dead (Very nice lady! Aren’t you the one who killed the baby? Angry) She is crying that thr will be no person to carry forward the name of Shakti! (righto! his name shd not be caried forward! He doesn’t deserve it! Dead) Pratigya angrily says – “why crying now lady? You should have thought this before doing all that!” (Man, I liked wht she said! Shd say few more cruel things to Amma please! LOL) Amma gets angry and shouts – “you shameless woman! So much happened with Kesar, the one whom you called didi n loved so much; now when all this is happening with her, you are not even having one drop of tear! You have brainwashed Kesar against us, n hence all that happened! You are responsible for all this! She is the witch to be blamed!” (Only God can make these ppl understand! Dead) SS then goes over to Shakti – “so everything is ruined now! Thr is not gonna be no one to take the name forward!”

Shakti answers back – wht will I do? Old man, you only taught me to beat your wife! ROFL (Mast mast answer! Lene ke dene pade hain!) Shakti continues – just think, had I or Krish dies becoz of you beating Amma while we were thr in her womb!” SS is like – very nice! Angry Kesar runs n locks herself in the kitchen n Pratigya runs to her, she calls Krish for help! They are shouting from window n Kesar is searching for the kerosene oil! Rest of Thakurs are just mere spectators! Krish tries to open the door n Kesar has found the kerosene oil jar! Pratigya, Krish n Ghanti Granny are shouting frantically for her to stop1 Shakti is tearing the report n angrily looking at Kesar! SS n Amma are just watching thr! Kesar has poured kerosene oil on her n is now searching for match box! Krish n Pratigya are trying to break open the door! Ouch (Today’s episode is the limit yaar! Angry Kesar has to bear everything n thakurs don’t even care that she is trying to kill herself! Angry Angry Angry SS n Amma shd never have a grandkid! Angry Kriya shd walkout n their kid shd never bear the thakur’s name! Angry)

Kesar has found the natchbox and she is crying! Thakurs are just watxhing while Kriya are trying to break open the door! Kesar lights that match n Kriya break the door! Krish rushes and snatches off the lighted match! Pratigya and Ghanti granny runs to her! Kesar is crying bitterly – wht did you ppl save me? My world has been destroyed! I don’t ewanns live!” Krish is relieved that Kesar is safe! Pratigya and Ghanti granny consoles her! Pratigya tells her that – she cannot change the fate but she can face the situation! Shd never lose hope n courage!

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