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All are  very eagerto know about the 2010 miss world on 60 th anniversary of miss world contest and it was started on 1951 by eric marley.Miss world contest held in china.china,US, ireland,vanezuala,botswana were the countries selected in final .US pick the first position , and botswana is second,vanizuela is third position. Emma various is the second place,andriana vasini is third one.This year the first position crown is for alexandria mills who is just 18 years old and finish high school.Her future aim to become teacher.Alexandria mills belongs to US  and her favourite food is pasta ,she is vegeterain.She has been selected because of her beautiful extra ordinary speech at the contest which show in different than others.She told ” Iwant to make impact on other lives, and to help to maximum what i can”.she was selected by morley ,the chairperson of pageant .Before US awarded in the year 1990 and in 1973.India win in 2000  and hold five titles and priyanka chopra is the last winner from india.

Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills

The winner alexandria mills in white shiny gown like angel while crowing.The all contestant are here

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