KBC 4 Questions And Answers Fastest Finger First Question Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 4 Quizz

KBC 4 Questions – October 13 Episode 3
The Questions that has been asked to the contestant Chavda Vanrajsinh on Episode 03 of Kaun Banega Crorepati 4 (KBC4).
Question :Which politician’s voice is this?
(Mein hamesha kehta hu ki aatankvaad ko eet ka jabaav pathar se milna chaiye, aantanvaad ke prati zero tolerance hona chaiye)
A. Praveen Togadia
B. Narendra Modi
C. Varun Gandhi
D. Raj Thackeray

Answer: Narendra Modi
Question :Which of these cricketers holds the record for playing the highest number of test matches.
A. Stephen Flaming
B. Alan Border
C. Steve Waugh
D. Sachin Tendular

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar
Question :Which temple is believed to have been first built in gold, then silver, then wood and finally stone?
A. Somnath
B. Kashi Vishwanath
C. Khajuraho Temple
D. Mahakaal Temple

Answer: Somnath
Question :Which among these never became President of Pakistan?
A. Mohammad Ali Zinnah
B. Iskander Mirza
C. Asif Ali Zardari
D. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Answer: Mohammad Ali Zinnah
Question :What word did Gandhi refuse to correct through prompted by his school teacher, during an inspection by a high ranking official?
A. Kennel
B. Kettle
C. Knitting
D. Kitten

Answer: Kettle
Question :What yajna did Yudhishthira perform after the battle of Kurukshetra to free himself of his sins?
A. Vajpeya
B. Ashwamedha
C. Agnistoma
D. Sarpamedha

Answer: Ashwamedha
Question :How many languages feature on the language panel of contemporary Reserve Bank of India currency notes?
A. 15
B. 10
C. 12
D. 18

Answer: 15
Akankshi Singh Parihar – October 13 Episode 3
Akankshi Singh Parihar from Kanpur, She appeared in Kaun Banega Crorepati Junior when she was in Ninth standard ;
Fastest Finger First Question: Arrange these processes involved in the making of an ‘aaloo paratha’ in the correct order.
A. Boil potatoes
B. Make the potato dough
C. Fry on tawa
D. Mash potato

The correct order is:
A. Boil potatoes
D. Mash potato
C. Make the potato dough
B. Fry on tawa
In the play questions starts..
Question 1: According to Hindi saying, ‘Doodh ka jala bhi phoonk phoonk ke peeta hai’?
A. Chhachh
B. Shahad
C. Ghee
D. Icecream

Answer: Chhachh
Question 2: The plant bearing which of these fruits is a vine?
A. Mango
B. Watermelon
C. Apple
D. Banana

Answer: Watermelon
Question 3: What does ‘S’ stand for in a ‘SIM’ card used in mobile phones?
A. Service
B. Smart
C. Science
D. Subscriber

Answer: Subscriber
Question 4: Which lyricist won an Oscar for the song ‘Jai Ho’?
A. Gulzaar
B. Prasoon Joshi
C. Piyush Pandey
D. Javed Akhtar

Answer: Gulzaar
Question 5: Identify the talk show host from this audio clip?
A. Vinod Dua
B. Prabhu Chawla
C. Pankaj Pachauri
D. Rajat Sharma

Answer: B. Prabhu Chawla

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