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Dong Yi Episode 50 Eng Sub Watch Free Dong Yi 50 Episode English Subbed

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dong yi 50 episode w/english sub. Dong Yi Episode 50 eng sub. dong yi episode 50.

Dong Yi Episode 50 English Subbed
Dong Yi Synopsis

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Dong Yi Episode 50 | Watch Dong Yi Ep50 Online | Dong Yi 50 English Subbed youtube Videos Free Online

Dong Yi Episode 50 written updates, Details

* Title: ?? / Dong Yi
* Also known as: Dawn
* Genre: Historical
* Episodes: 50
* Broadcast network: MBC
* Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-08 to TBA
* Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Synopsis: dong yi english subtitles ep 50

Set during the reign of King Sukjong in the Joseon dynasty, the story focuses on Dong Yi, a water maid who gains the trust of Queen Inhyeon and later the favour of the king when he is moved by her prayers for the health of the Queen during the court disputes caused by Jang Hee Bin. Dong Yi becomes a concubine with the rank of sook-bin and bears a son who will later become the 21st king of Joseon, Yeongjo.

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