software engineer in USA can drive Benz why not in india..

Software engineer in USA can drive Benz but in India a software engineer like me can only dream to drive Benz. Here are some facts,
India being preferred destination for outsourcing, not only for software but for BPO, KPO. These days Indian Software engineer are getting decent salary of 40 thousand (US 1000$) as average, despite the fact of low cost of living in india, Still driving Benz is a dream reasons,
/1\ Most of the new house buyers are software engineers (almost 40%), increasing house prices, and there by increase in demand. Bankers are increasing home loan rates. The fact is almost all house buyers take Home loan (first preference goes to easy and fast application processing). Home loan gives advantage to software engineer in terms of getting tax claim of Rs. 1 lack on principle amount and Rs. 1.5 lack on interest amount. This makes them ideal deal for getting home and also getting tax benefit. Other side is this reduces their monthly income, and my dream of driving Benz changes to drive Skoda.
In USA, tax is a must, whatever in hand you are getting it is after deduction of tax, and there cars and petrol is cheap, and he starts driving a car, not branded but he started and I still dream of it.
/2\ Most of Software engineers in India mix up with investment and insurance, making market players also present them policies like that, eg ULIP. In USA, most of them treat investment and insurance as different aspects. Benefits, Their insurance is cheaper compared to us. Most of us are paying monthly installment or half yearly installment, this again reduces my net income and my dream of driving Skoda changes to drive Maruti cars.
/3\ Most of software engineers in India are most responsible and many of them driving their families taking all responsibilities. This includes finance, health and relationship, This makes his routine and narrows thinking level. This has indirect effect on professional growth, As most of software engineers mix up professional life and personal life. Most of Software engineer in USA gets hourly paid, he has little time to mix up personal life and professional life.
/4\ Considering Indian growth story and great road to go ahead. With 9% GDP rate, I am sure software engineer in India can drive Benz in next 5-10 years.
Despite of recession fears avg salary will be US$2000 here. and days will come that I drive Benz.

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