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How to Create Yahoo Custom Smileys Yahoo Custom Emotions

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Ever Thought of making Own Yahoo smileys as we wish. They way we want it to be?  You can create according to your mood now. Sounds interesting huh?  Well today’s trick is about creating custom yahoo smileys :

Click your Windows Start button, select  Search, then Files or Folders and do a search for the file ” emote_user.dat ” .

Click the Find Now or Search Now button.

When the file is found, double-click it.

If you are asked which program you’d like to open the file with, choose Notepad/Word pad for your convenience.

Once the file is open, add new emotes in the format mentioned at the top of the file.

Example :
This is the example of some smileys you can put it on the file and save it so it comes out with the list

Close the file and make sure to save the changes.

Restart Messenger and emote away!

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  1. I am using a toolbar for smileys. It allows me to create and place Smileys on MSN, AIM, Yahoo, email and Social Networking Sites.

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