Investing in the future top model

About the first online talent incubator (e-cubator) which allows aspiring Models to raise sponsorship money to promote their careers. It also allows everyone to invest in a future top model and get a share of the model’s income for 1 year.

Investing in the future top model

Imagine having invested in the likes of Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen at the start of their career! And then getting a share of their earnings! You would be laughing on your way to the bank!

Now everyone has a chance to discover the future cover girl or catwalk start on by investing in her beauty and talent!

“Hobby of a rich girl”

It may go against conventional stereotypes, but the fact remains that not every beautiful girl can effectively kick-start her career as a professional model without being supported financially and promoted in a way that enables her to earn a decent living off her dream career. Not every natural beauty is from a wealthy family and can afford to come and try her luck in one of the fashion capitals of the world – be it Paris, Milan, New York or London – which are, coincidentally, among the most expensive cities in the world!

Despite all the eventual glamour and flash associated with the career of a successful model – the usual focus of the media – it is easily forgotten that the path towards that success would require a significant (financial) investment by the model herself, her relatives and the modeling agency, and that so many would fail and so few would succeed on the way there for the simple reason that no sufficient financial backing was available to kick-start the modeling career in an efficient and professional manner. This is because all well-paid assignments do not come straight away!

With these considerations in mind, Beauty Holding was created to place any beautiful girl in the World on an equal footing with the more privileged ones, in order to try to help her succeed in her dream career. Now you do not only have a chance of making a sound investment but also be helping an aspiring model.

Sponsorship = Investment

On the website, a Model can enter the so-called Golden Beauty Race by uploading her pictures and waiting for her Sponsors to start investing in her. Every user has a personal profile page, so the website has a feel of a social network.

When the Model raises USD 10,000 from her Sponsor contributions, she will be whisked away to London, Paris and other European fashion capitals, to be introduced to top modeling agencies and have her professional portfolio produced by top photographers. The sponsorship fund will be used to cover flights, accommodation, photo-shoots and other expenses required for the Model’s effective promotion.

Return on investment

The Model will share with all her Sponsors a half (50%) of the net earnings generated by her during the first year of her professional modeling career. To break it even for the Sponsors, the Model in question will have to net at least $20,000 during that year. This is far from impossible as an actively working professional model makes at least $50,000-$100,000 a year, while a very successful one can generate $250,000 and more. In addition to a real chance of making money, her Sponsors will receive signed photos and other gifts.

Benefit to all

According to Ingrid Devatova, a former model and director of her own modeling agency who joined this young start-up (its website was launched to the general public in June 2008), Beauty Holding was intended to use the power of Internet as a source of new communication and investment culture. She says: “I wanted to contribute to the building of a new generation of social network, which brings not only entertainment but also real value to our users – both Models and Sponsors.”

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