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Google Voice

Find here information about Google Voice International calling rates, Google Voice Calls via Gmail.
What is mean by google voice?

Google Voice is same as play role as phone. Google voice use the gmail. Calling somebody in any country through gmail. This is unlaunched version but soon it will be launched.

How to function google voice?
Does anyone knows how to call US from india free through gmail?
Make Free Calls in Gmail With Google Voice

You can function this through gmail. you have popup menu in your chat list ie asking for call phone to have also contacts area in your phone list.just enter the number and make a dial. Google voice will be launch soon in india. For accessing this facility click the google talk plugin and add voice chat.

Make free call to us and canada.

Make Free Calls in Gmail With Google Voice

Other calls at very low rate the pricing rate are given below .

Make Free Calls in Gmail With Google Voice

For call to paris for one minute 2cent .

There is separate rate structure for mobile phones.The above 2cent for landline.

Make Free Calls in Gmail With Google Voice

There is also facility to divert the call from web browser to mobile phone or ordinary land phone.Google voice also planning to install voice booth as same as simple telephone booth by the way of laptop inside the is the picture shown voice booth.The uses of voice booth is if one area is failed in network connection or receiving bad signals or one may not have phone on thier hand can make use of voice booth. The phone calls are tested yah its having very clear voice .

Make Free Calls in Gmail With Google Voice

Google Voice lets you manage all your phone communications and seamlessly make and receive calls on any of your existing phones. But what if you don’t have

will update how to do gmail free us call from India? Free VoIP calls, cheap phone calls, internet calling to India and USA.

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