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Google on Android phone Released Features Prices

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Still Have a question on What is Android?
Man google phone on android os is released.
check out live announcement

T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone
Here’s a first look at the T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone. Hands on demo to follow

This is Google’s first entry into the mobile phone market
T-Mobile G1 Google Android First Commercial


The latest news and everything T-Mobile G1.

Googles G1: First Impressions | Walt Mossberg | Mossblog | AllThingsD
09/23/2008 |

Tuesday phone debut is first salvo in Android war | News – Wireless – CNET News
09/23/2008 |

T-Mobiles Google phone may offer free e-mail – Techland
09/23/2008 |

you can check out the Google Mobile blog for more details.
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Google on Android
Easy to use.
Fully synchronized
Designed to work together.
T-Mobile customers, order your G1 today while they last
Order the new T-Mobile G1 for as low as $179.99 (plus taxes and fees; two-year agreement required), exclusive to T-Mobile customers only, and be one of the first to get the T-Mobile G1 delivered right to your door as early as October 22, 2008.

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