Why to Check Blog Traffic Daily Important Note

Why to Check Blog Traffic Daily Important Note?
Guies be aware of jologs.colorspill.net or adding javascript codes and choosing templates.
From yesterday I have not seen any page impressions in google analytic for this blog. I got doubt, I just typed my blog url to check, to my surprise it was redirecting to
this link and my blog page was not coming, I opened my blogger.com to check what went wrong, When i was on edit html page I was again redirected to same link; that was very bad.
I went through page settings and then edit html, I got luck this time; I could able to see the html code but there is no ref for adxtn.com; I have expanded the code still no ref; Then checked for colorspill.net and it was there in the beginning just after body tag the script congaing code for colorspill.net was there; I just removed that script and my blog is alive now.
Still digging through How this script came into my blogs body part.
If got any clue will definitely post about it.

be aware of this colorspill.net and keep checking your traffic in google analytics.

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