Why i keep my wallet in front pocket..not in rear pocket..

!! sciatica–piriformis syndrome -!!
Wallets are causing men unbearable pain and it has nothing to do with a lack of cash.
Physiotherapists say they have seen a surge in the number of men complaining of lower back pain and the lowly wallet is their chief suspect.
Experts say men who sit down with their wallets in their back trouser pocket risk damaging key nerves.
Men who drive with their wallet stuffed into their back trouser pocket appear to be most at risk.
The condition is from sciatic neuropathy, since it affects the sciatic nerve. But it’s becoming so common that it has even been given other names — hip-pocket syndrome or wallet neuropathy.
sciatica is piriformis syndrome, so called because of the involvement of the piriformis, a short, thick, pear-shaped muscle that runs from your sacrum, the lower part of your pelvic bone, to the head of your femur, or upper thigh bone. You use this muscle when you extend your hip or rotate it outward. In most people, the sciatic nerve cord runs near this muscle.

Treatment is aimed at maximizing mobility and independence. The cause of the nerve dysfunction should be identified and treated as appropriate. In some cases, no treatment is required. Exercise and physical therapy is introduced into the treatment regime.

Prevention varies depending on the cause of the nerve damage. Avoid prolonged sitting or lying with pressure on the buttocks, and exercise.
Or… …the safest way… …Keep your wallet in safe hands… with your wife’s!
Exercise your back
1. Pelvic tilt – lay down on back, and pelvic the back
2. Knee to chest – lay down on back and bring slowly knee towards chest.
3. Bridging – lay down on back and slowly try to form a bridge with help of legs and hand.
4. Partial sit-up – lay down on back and bring together legs and try to sit partially.


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