Water saving tips

As a daily routine I packed up my lunch box and left home for the office. It was Friday , and was little bit late to office so was in hurry. I got up late had bath, got packup and left home.
When I came back from office to home, and just entered to bathroom to get ready Friday evening, I have seen the bucket is full of water, and a drop of water is still running from the tab, This started me thinking, with little ignorance I left the tab loose tightened, leaving drop of water to leak. This drop of leakages from morning made bucket full water till evening and still going on.
It will not take much effort to save water, here are simple daily usage tips

Before leaving the bathroom close the tabs properly, be aware for single drop leakage also.

Before leaving wash basin check that tab is closed properly, if you are leaving for the day, best way is stop incoming water to basin by closing inlet tab.

I like taking shower bath, after finishing shower bath, place the inlet notch at center position and close the tab, I have seen that with this adjustment, single drop leakage stops. Most of the time I used to keep inlet notch either to one side and used to close the tab.

While taking shower bath, keep away your soaps from shower water, else your soaps will degrade very soon.

If some tabs are faulty and leakage is there, be prompt and repair it as soon as possible,

Many times while doing tooth-brush I keep my wash basin tab open, but now I started thinking about the people who hardly get water to drink.

Major daily routine water waste sources.
while washing pots housemaid keeps tab open and enjoys the free flowing water to wash the pots. Can take the water in some container and wash the pots. Same is true while washing the cloths.

I have seen places where water is major concern and people were fighting for a drop of water.

We are lucky that staying in cities and getting ample water, just before wasting a drop of water think of people who are dying for water.

Lets care for ourself and future be a alert citizen and save water to save our future.

Please do share your tips also.

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