Use of Feedjit To Improve Your Blog Traffic

Today i am going to demonstrate about Use of feedjit to improve your blog traffic.
Yes FEEDJIT’s Geoblogosphere enables you to get local readers for your blog.
The Geoblogosphere lets you see which blogs are popular with readers located in your city and any other city in the world, today.

How to do I make use of this for my blogging?
Well like google trends and recently launched Alexa hot URL trends one can get idea of what’s hot now in blogging world. Needless to say you can gather right information and with right keyword you can get a good post.
With feedjit If you’ve ever been curious about what people in USA are reading today, the Geoblogosphere can tell you.
Cools service right.
So How do i get in Geoblogosphere?

if you have your own blog with an RSS feed that is hosted on it’s own domain name, like, or a sub-domain like You don’t need to register. Simply install a FEEDJIT widget on your blog and you’re all set.
How it works?
The first thing you’ll notice is that FEEDJIT will send you visitors from your local town or city. FEEDJIT uses your blog reader’s geographic location to determine which cities in the world your blog is popular in. Some blogs are popular in cities other than the city where the blog owner lives.
It can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the amount of traffic your site receives. It takes time for FEEDJIT to learn about your site and to figure out where you are in the Geoblogosphere. Once you appear in the Geoblogosphere, FEEDJIT will revisit your site whenever you have a new blog entry and your new entries should appear within a few hours after you post them.

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