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Check out US Presidential Election Results Tracker 2008 Online from CNN.
Why CNN?
— To project elections, CNN and its election experts use scientific statistical procedures to make estimates of the final vote count in each race. CNN will broadcast a projected winner only after an extensive review of data from a number of sources.
The projections for CNN will be made from the CNN Election Analysis Center at the Time Warner Center. An independent team of political analysts and statistical experts will analyze the data that will lead to the final decisions on projections.

Edison Media Research: To assist CNN in collecting and evaluating this information, CNN, the other television networks and The Associated Press have employed Edison Media Research (EMR). In previous elections, this firm has assisted CNN in projecting winners in state and national races. EMR will conduct exit polls, which ask voters their opinion on a variety of relevant issues, determine how they voted, and ask a number of demographic questions to allow analysis of voting patterns by group.

And also CNN started

specially for US presidential election results 2008.

where in one can Check out the latest polls, candidate visits, ad spending figures, fundraising totals and past results, one can watch online all state polls.
Likely Barack Obama but having tough fight from John McCain
Check out results from main page here
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