Tips To Get Quickly Indexed In Search Engines like Google Yahoo

Just testing out some of the tricks to get quickly indexed in google. These tricks were there in my mind and being author of 10 blogs, I got quite good experience to share this tip with newbies to blogging. Here is the experiment I have done, Started two new blogs. I will name as blog 1 and blog 2 for simplicity.
For blog 1 I have done following things; as usual added it to search engines and verified the meta code. Before this I have put some adds on this blog. Also I have posted six posts on it.
And the results is blog 1 got indexed within 24hours in google.
Now for blog 2 I have added it to search engines and did not kept the adds on it. and This blog is not yet indexed in google. (it may get indexed when you are looking to it). Now I am putting adds on this blog also to check if it gets indexed or not.
Conclusion and observation; If you have started the blog just now, then quickly add it to search engines, then don’t wait put google adds on it, change the default template, set the crawl rate (this in now working for registered domains only, not working now for blogsopt.) and tell me the results.

Happy blogging to earn two digits earnings per day.

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