SEO SEM tips and suggestions

SEO is all about search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is about helping search engine to get your page quickly based on user query.
I was reading about SEO and done some experimentation on it.

I am sure you might have read in my previous post about ways and steps to increase traffic for blog

Fist suggestion is play with title
Title plays important role.
I had one post in H1-b visa update. some body done search like NEWS ON THE H1B VISA and my page appeared on page two second last entry on google search.
Now for same article appears on first page if i search like Jobs H1B USA 2008, This time my blog entry appears at fourth location.
I tried to change a little in my search query like, h1b visa returns This time my blog appeared in first page and at third position.
Well to my surprise if i query for h1b visa return instead of h1b visa returns my blog post appears in first page and first entry.
Well thats about playing with keyword and making your post title user friendly and search engine friendly.
Now the title tip for SEO – search engine optimization.

Do some google search before selecting the title, like you want to place the title as SEO, search engine optimization, search in google and see how many title pages are there and how many pages repeats that keyword in their description. You are sure that there is tough competition. Well make a slight change in search SEO tips and suggestions and see there is less competition, and still you get traffic for SEO search engine optimization keyword.
Another tip is Keyword density
Its general rule that your post or topic should contain related keyword in your post,
like if your title topic is SEO SEM tips and suggestions, then make sure that this keyword appears many times in your text.
But be cautious excessive repetition of keyword might cause your problems, as some of search engine may flag your blog as spam, and sometimes may receive low page ranking as penalty.

Yet another tip is repeat the keywords at the beginning of the text displayed on the page as much as possible.

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Hmm last suggestion is do hard work. do some home work to have good content you need to fist work on the keywords. To find right keyword you should scratch your head, think about the most common phrases or words that people would type in to get the sort of services or information similar to the one posted. Once you discovered them, make sure you include them in your titles, description.

well thats about my learning for SEO – search engine optimization, do share your knowledge to improve me.

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