Prepaid Guide Ncell Nepal MMS GPRS Configuration Traffic Rates For Ncell Nepal Mobile Operator Meromobile SMS Sending In Nepal Fastest Internet Service

The word N in Ncell stands for Nepal. Ncell is same mobile operator in Nepal which was previously called meromobile. Mero Mobile was previously spcie Nepal’s product and was the first ever Private mobile operator in Nepal. Established in the Year 2004,it has been continuously providing special traffic and offers in Nepal. In its initial phase it started with a 0.01 Nrs per minute traffic from Mero Moble to Mero Mobile with which it gained a lot of popularity. It also provided various kinds of offers in its advertisement phases such as free sms,mms and 20 minutes of free call every week. This time was the most popular time for Mero Mobile.
Same mero mobile has now been changed into NCell. Ncell is same mero mobile which is now marketed by European company. It has been offering different services at reliable and cheaper price. It offers comparative MMS and GPRS tariff. To use GPRS and MMS to any GPRS/MMS enabled phone, You must first configure GPRS and MMS first to use it. The general configuration is given below.

GPRS General Configuration for Ncell

First to activate GPRS service to your personal sim card,
Type a and send message to 900224
When GPRS is activated to your SIM card,You need to configure following configuration
Proxy IP
Proxy Port 9201 for wap1 and 8080 for http
To deactivate GPRS to your SIM card,Type R and send message to 900224

MMS configuraion for NCELL

To use MMS to your mobile phone,first you need to type a and send a message to 900226. This will activate MMS to your SIM card. To deactivate MMS to your Sim card,You may dial *900# and follow the instructions or type r and send a message to 900226.
Proxy IP
Proxy Port 9201 (For WAP1)/ 8080 (For HTTP or WAP2)
MMSC server url

GPRS and MMS Tariff for NCELL

GPRS tariff for NCELL is low as compared to NTC(Nepal Telecom Tariff)
It costs 0.006 NRS per KB data transfer. The GPRS service is very cheap to use service.

MMS tariff is RS 3 per MMS from NCELL to NCELL.

These tariff are all exclusive to tax.
I use both the GPRS and MMS service of NTC and NCell. I prefer Ncell while using GPRS as the service is very much uninterrupted. The other benefit over NTC is that Ncell uses no activation cost for GPRS and MMS whereas NTC does.
For More Configuration settings and Traffic Views,you can directly log on to NCELL website or you can call 9005 for customer care from NCELL mobile or Call 980900500 from any other numbers.

To send SMS within Nepal:

-type the message, follow the dialing format and send.

-+977 or 0 -oprartor code- mobile number.

Eg. to 0980xxxxxxx or +97798510xxxxx

To send SMS outside Nepal

-type the message, follow the interntional dialing format and send, + or 00-country code-operator code-mobile no.

Eg. (Dialing format to India) 00-91-94302xxxxx

Note One message includes 160 characters.

  1. Ncell Launched Nepal’s Fastest Internet Service.
  2. Ncell launched 3G services for its valued pre-paid as well as post paid customers.

Ncell, the first private sector mobile operator, Free SMS to Nepal, WebSMS to Ncell, Nepal Telecom use Nepal Telecom’s WebSMS – NTC’s WebSMS and Ncell WebSMS

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