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Onam Festival 2009 Onam Greetings and Wishes

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Happy Onam SMS messages and wishes for Onam Festival 2009. Here are some of the top Onam Greetings and Wishes to send for your loved ones on Onam 2009.
Onam, a fascinating and spectacular festivity, is the biggest festival in Kerala. This ten-day annual festival falls during the Malayalam month of Chingam (August – September), Also known as the harvest festival, Onam Festival marks the arrival of the legendary King Mahabali. In 2009, Onam Festival starts on 23rd August 2009 and Thiruonam (main Onam) is celebrated on 2nd September 2009, Wednesday.
The festival is celebrated in honour of Mahabali (also Mavaeli, Balichakravarthi or Bali, not to be confused with Bāli), the grandson of Bhakta Prahlad. Though Prahlad was an Asura, he had great faith in Vishnu. As a child Mahabali learned the love and devotion of Vishnu from Prahlad. Onam Festival 2009, Onam Greetings, Onam 2009, Onam Greeting Cards, Onam Festival, Onam, When is Onam, Kerala People, Malayalees
Onam is the biggest and the most important festival of the southern Indian state of Kerala. Onam 2009 is on September 2nd , Wednesday. Dessert is usually ‘payasam’, a sweet dish made of milk, sugar and other traditional Indian savories.
Some of the best Onam Greetings Collections, Onam Festival with these collections of Onam cards. The expressive Onam Greetings

  1. Onam Songs card with En hridaya Poothalam Song – Flash Animation from 365greetings
  2. Warm Wishes On Onam from 123greetings

  3. Onam eCard from dgreetings

Some of the best Onam SMS Messages collections

May the God bless you and fill your heart with joy & happiness.
May the color and lights of Onam fill your home with happiness and joy.
Wishing you a very Happy Onam 2009

May this ONAM Bring In You
The Brightest And Choicest Happiness And
Love You Have Ever Wished For!
Happy Onam 2009!
What is Onam pookalam?

Onam pookalam is the art works done by flowers on Onam season, in front of houses in Kerala. Every day morning people clean the floor and put fresh flowers to make pookalam.

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