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My observations on secondary market

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From last two yrs i am watching Indian stock market, Thankful that i am witness of indian growth story. and trying to make some profit out of it. First I started with stocks with low value, I purchased SAIL at Rs.100/- and I was holding this stock for more than yr, once it reached to 170/- I sold it, same is with MTNL stock. and now it is going on and on.. I was not doing any analysis and research on purchase and selling of stocks, I was just watching prices of stock and I was selecting stocks based on prices. The lesson I learnt after selling SAIL stock is dont value stock by their prices.

Second observation is stock market follows some pattern ie ups and down, its down time now, and it will start booming in next 4-5 months and stable and goes down and repeats.

I was following some sites for stock selection ie

I like this most.for secondary market. or

well most of ppl are follower of; I check this site for mutual fund analysis and results, is also one of my fav for mutual funds.

Recently i came across one blog ie is good one.

Please add if you find some more valuable links.

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  1. shaiju says:

    Hi Bhagwat,
    It is a very informative post. Thanks a lot.
    I want to suggest this to a few of my friends, who burned their hands in shares.

    Shaiju gangadharan

  2. Bhagwat says:

    Thanks shaiju for your valuable time to write about my article.

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