Memory Leak Problem With WordPress Installed Blogs Big Nightmare With Dreamhost Private Server WebHosting Service

Memory Leak Problem With WordPress Installed Blogs Big Nightmare With Dreamhost Private Server WebHosting Service

I did face this problem, when recently shifted my blogs, websites, and bookmarking sites to dream host private server, PS. From last eight hours, i was struggling to digg out this problem. Contacted dreamhost livechat support team almost 4 times, most of the time got response saying we are not suppose to do that, since after rebooting the ps server it works for some time and again breaks, the problem was memory leak. I was asked to increase the memory, but it was typical leak problem, the more memory i increase it eats up all. Following is the time stamp with memory being used.
A breakdown of usage over the last 24 hours

2010/09/22 01:25:420.07817 MB
2010/09/22 01:43:240.08736 MB
2010/09/22 01:57:590.17845 MB
2010/09/22 02:14:270.08561 MB
2010/09/22 02:32:140.14646 MB
2010/09/22 02:46:450.09729 MB
2010/09/22 03:10:390.43779 MB
2010/09/22 03:22:460.21587 MB
2010/09/22 03:41:210.17754 MB
2010/09/22 03:56:230.42657 MB
2010/09/22 04:11:3811.21788 MB
2010/09/22 04:21:5410.02788 MB
2010/09/22 04:37:569.11788 MB
2010/09/22 10:08:520.42358 MB
2010/09/22 10:26:030.13250 MB
2010/09/22 10:46:190.19393 MB
2010/09/22 11:06:210.23128 MB
2010/09/22 11:16:530.29309 MB

Solution for memory leak issue on wordpress blog.
The first cause for this break , what everyone says is wordpress plugins. So Just disable all the plugins or random disable few plugins. And observe for some time. Well If you are getting 503 error on site, then you can not disable plugins directly, so login to FTP panel of your website, go to root directory and to wp-content/ rename the plugins directory to plugins123. This will disable all your plugins. Now start by installing one plugin at a time. This was not helping in my case since the problem was not wordpress plugins in my case, I was also running one bookmarking site ie, where lots of spam comments were coming from last few days, but I did not taken care of that. Just stuck with this and started renaming plugins directory from pligg installer. And to my surprise here are results..

I could able to hit this case, because I was just going to panel.dreamhost site and checking for site usage, and noticed that this bookmarking site usage was too high..
Bottom line is do not fight with your wife and spend time on blogging..
From here to go?
Use following links to fine tune your PS and wordpress.

  1. WordPress_Optimization
  2. WordPress_performance

wordpress free support
places to visit wordpress free support forum.

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