How To Remove Disk Knight Virus Manually | How To Delete Disk Night Virus Solution and Removal

If you have questions like How do you remove disk knight in usb? What are Remove Disk Knight Removal Instructions? There here is Removing Disk Knight – Step by Step Instructions guide.Virus Solution and Removal
We all use thumb drive? is int it?? Well and we use to insert out thumb drive in many computers and most of the time our USB is infected with spy ware and viruses. The common among those is Disk Knight Virus. And what we do?? Just format it and have new data. But what if we have something really important in it?? Like your Girl Friend Pics 😉 , Your Office Information Files??? Dont Worry it can be removed without formatting the thumb drive.

The first step you have to do is , Disable the auto-run of your thumb drive in windows XP.

Then Open Explorer (windows + ‘E’) key and right click on the usb drive and select properties. Now Select the Auto Play tab and in the list of options select no action to be taken and apply the confirm the changes. Click OK to exit the window.

Now the next step is to show hidden files. For this open a folder and goto Tools –> Option . Now, On View tab mark Checked the “Show Hidden Files and Folders and “Hide Protected Operating System Files” Unchecked.

After this we gotta delete the files manually. So go to the thumb drive and delete the autorun.inf. Make sure that it doesn’t have copy in other folders. Now go to c:\ Drive and delete the autorun.inf and finally to c:\windows and delete disk knight.exe file.

Now Modify the Windows Registry. For that Go to Start –> Run and type “regedit”. In Registry Editor go to or find and type “knight” and delete all the entries you find.

Now Scan your computer with an updated Antivirus and delete all infections it founds.

After completing all the steps, You may enable auto run of the thumb Drive by reversing the process in Step 1.

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