How To Keep Text Files Secret Hide Text File Merge With Image Exchange Message Secretly With Simple Cryptography

Merge Image with Text File

Recently I got something to share. This is a trick about how to keep the text files secret. If you have any message that you want to hide from unauthorized person,I have got a best way. With this process,you can hide a text document within an image. Suppose you will need to hide a text file named a.txt within an image name a.jpg then follow these steps
Three Simple Cryptography or encryption steps.

  1. Step 1:First copy both the text file and image file to a common folder. This will make the process easier.
  2. Step 2:Then select both text and image file and then add those to the archive file as anything.rar
  3. Step 3:When you create the archive then open the command prompt by typing cmd in run in the start menu and reach to the folder where you kept the text file,image and rar file then type this command  copy /b a.jpg+anything.rar c.jpg

(Here a.jpg is the image file,anything.rar is the archive file which you can name anything and c.jpg is the result file where the text is hidden).
So now file c.jpg has a text hidden on it. When you open that file you will see nothing more than a picture but when you open it with Winrar,You will see both the image file and text file. In this way you can hide a text from outer world.
This trick can also be done without making rar file. For this you will do the same but in the command,you will add image file and text file instead of image file and rar file but this has one main disadvantage. The disadvantage is that you will not be easily able to access the text file because it now does not opens with winrar archive. To check the text file,you will need to open the image with notepad and the last texts are the contents of text file.
This technique was used by Pakistani Hackers previously to exchange the information without leaking the outer world. This was a great idea to hide text file over an image. This technique was a great to hide information as nobody cares about font color.
In this way informations were shared without leaking it to the outer world.

Your text data is secure with this simple cipher machine.

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