How To decide On Right Blog Post Title

Today I was doing some experimentation on post title keywords.
Just curious about how google treats for different search queries. And deciding on right post title, hope this experiment will help.
So started with google.trends to get whats hot keyword today. With that hot keyword posted
the information on two different blogs but with little difference in blog title. like below example.

  1. Current News: anna university exams postponed

    26 Nov 2008 anna university exams postponed Due to heavy rains in chennai Anna university has postponed today’s examination(26/11/08) – – Similar pages

  2. In and Around you: Anna University Chennai Exam Postponed Due to Rains

    Whats happening around you Wake up speak up fight back, this can\ –

When somebody made search for keyword anna university exam postponed The results is different as on the second blog I made the blog post first, so it has to get listed first.

one more example is with keyword black friday ads 2009 In my post I used Black Friday 2009 Ads Slick Deals Released With this slight difference my post is comming at the end or the search list; even though my page is listed first, means I have made that post long back;
conclusion is all depends on the sequence of words you use in your blog title, So before deciding on blog title do little brain-scratch and your post will drive you right traffic.

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