How To Decide On Blog POST Title On Blogger Platform

I have enjoyed blogger platform, and like to share some tricks from blogger. You have great contents in blog, but still worried that there are less or no visitors for that post. DOOSH || what I missed, Yes I missed on Blog POST Title decision. Here is quick checklist and tricks Before giving and deciding your blog title. This will help you to Improve your search engine friendships.

  1. What does blog title mean to search engine?
  2. Its URL containing keywords for the search user is doing.

  3. What does blog title mean to blogger?
  4. Its URL containing keywords which drives traffic from search engines to the blog, Most important one once you do publish post, and later you can’t modify the post title, so before giving title Think about it.

  5. Why to care on blog title?
  6. Most of the time I get comments on my other blogs saying your title is not good, well but I do care about that.

My experience about blogger says that I have very little world count on blog title.
If I give more count initial letters in title like “UniversityAdmissions” then my indexed title will become two or three words title.

  1. My Tricks of Giving Blog Title
  2. Use short letter words in title.

  3. Don’t give small Titles.

  4. This type of giving short title is not much useful. Give meaningful titles which includes keywords also, not like this.

  5. Do not count on common letters.
  6. common letters like ‘a’, ‘and’, ‘the’, ‘&’, will get ignored by search engines, and so not included in blog title URL even though you use it.

  7. Give less word count letters more in title.
  8. If you want all your keywords to get included in URL then give small characters count words in title. This makes your chance to get all letters/words in URL. This is perfect example, how-to-decide-on-right-blog-post-title. All the words are included in URL.

  9. One last Trick On Blog Post title
  10. Title words congaing ‘.’ or ‘-‘ or ‘|’ is having chance of getting included into title URL. If you want to have big title try adding these characters.
    Once you practice these it will come automatically from your mind blogging.

More Tips from Google Search Engine
The title of your post is one of the most important things when it comes to not only being SEO-friendly but also to attracting readers.
Make your title clear, to-the-point and include keywords. Here are some examples:

* “He’s Done it Again” or “Happy Times” or “So Sad…”

some better examples:

* “Clay Aiken Has Topped the Charts Again” or “Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Happy Times” or “Mumbai Terrorist Attack: So Sad…”

you get those descriptive key words in there.

Get specific because, usually, your readers are looking for specific information.

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