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How can you change the world?

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I was doing some google search for My favorite article on India needs inclusive growth

Recently I came across nice website, which discuss in general and in depth about How can you change the world?

Nice analysis on what the problems of the world are, and how we can resolve them by acting on eight guiding principles. They provided detailed analysis on eight guiding principles ie

1. Equality- The curse of poverty
Good analysis on Poverty across the globe. Lot of supportive examples.

2. Democracy – The right to choose
Facts about democracy with useful links like

3. Justice
One can understand how and what about Justice. I really liked the article, its three page article, worth reading.

4. Peace
I see Mahamta Gandhi photo here, Photos speaks more than words. read on this column also.

5. Feminism
First line starts with saying, – Women are generally not treated as equals in the modern world.

6. Freedom
No matter what system governs a society, basic civil and political freedoms have to be protected.

7. Anti-Fascism
Anti-fascism recognizes that all people, regardless of their race or origin, are beautiful and deserve equal respect.
Nice collection of photos

8. Altruism
Altruism involves putting the interests of others above one’s own interests. It is altruism that forms the basis of the meaning of life itself, which is to live for others. very well said.

Visit forum – how you can change the world for in depth discussions and views. nice place to hang on for serious readers.

Enjoy readings.

My search continues,

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