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This year H-1B visa applicants get five-days. The rush has begun already.
Employers, all consultants and graduated students on Tuesday began filing H-1B visa petitions. They all hope for getting their applications among the 85,000 that will be randomly chosen by the U.S. government. All selected will be eligible to work in dream city of USA from Oct 1.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services last April received 133,000 petitions in two days before making a decision to stop accepting any more H-1B visa petitions. This year, USCIS said it will accept the petitions for five business days, or until April 7, so that more companies have a chance to propose their applications for the random lottery.

Other side would be, leaving open a five-day window means that USCIS will likely receive a record number of H-1B applications this year.

Kim Berry, president of U.S. IT worker advocacy group Programmers Guild, says he’s looking for several H-1B visa reforms, including “replacing the random lottery with competitive system where employers compete based on salary — a reasonable proxy for skill — just as they must do for the top candidates among U.S. workers.”

Good news for H1B candidates and employers is The United States House of Representatives passed new bill to increase the H1B quota for the next 3 years. The President of US may sign the bill within the next couple of days. Direct impact of this could be, H1B quota will increase from 115,000 to 195,000 for the fiscal years of 2000, 2001 and 2002. This also means that a substantial amount of last years (fiscal year 2000) backlog will not be added to this years ( began on October 1, 2000 for 2001) quota.
Another change is that people currently holding an H1B visa who want to change employers can begin working for the new employer once the application for change of employer is submitted.

The other change in the law involves unused employment-based visas. Any employment-based visas that are not used by a visa-limited country will be available for other applicants. This is to eliminate wasted visas.

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