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Grab CSS Book For Free Downloading

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The Art & Science of CSS — is available for FREE Download,
its cost $29.95, This book is 208 pages, This twitway will expire after 11 days, ie you have only 11 days to grab this free book.
One of our best-selling CSS books of all time, The Art & Science of CSS (valued at $29.95), is FREE to download for two weeks. All you need to do to grab a free copy of this awesome CSS book is follow @sitepointdotcom on Twitter. We’re calling it a Twitaway—a Twitter giveaway!

There are two options to get this book; one is Twitaway, ie you need to follow sitepoint on Twitaway

Twitter BadgeFollow us on Twitter …

Follow @sitepointdotcom on Twitter and you get the entire book for FREE.

And for anyone who doesn’t do Twitter, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—for all the details head on over to the Twitaway page:

or enter your email ID at sitepointdotcom
And here is good chance to get it directly
Update: Here’s a direct link to download the eBook. It’s about 24 MB in size. Thanks to Amit

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