FIITJEE Programs: SAT, NTSE, STSE, Olympiada and IIT-JEE

FIITJEE Training Programs: SAT, NTSE, STSE, Olympiada and IIT-JEE

Prepare for
SAT, NTSE, STSE, Olympiada & IIT-JEE

All this & more available in revolutionary Integrated School Programs for students of IX & XI

Programs for students of IX
SUPREME – Four Year Integrated School Program for IIT-JEE, 2012
Simultaneous preparation for X & XII Boards, Olympiads & SAT

ASCENT Plus – Two Year Integrated School Program
ASCENT Program & School-Integrated Preparation Target – IIT-JEE/ Medical / Competitive Entrance Exams – 2012.

Program for students appeared in X Board
PINNACLE – Two Year Integrated School Program for IIT-JEE, 2010
IIT-JEE & School – Integrated Preparation.

Two Year Classrooms Program for IIT-JEE, 2010 (for students appeared in X board)

Four Year Classroom Program for IIT-JEE, 2012 (for students of IX)

ASCENT – Two Year Classroom Program
(for students of IX) Excellence in Boards + Olympiads + Foundation IIT-JEE/ Medical Competitive Entrance Exams.

TARGET NTSE – One Year Classroom Program for NTSE, 2008 (for students of VIII)

ADMISSION TEST 20th April, 2008

For details programs and how to register please contact FIITJEE center or visit

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Corp.Off.: ICES Huse, Kalu Sarai, Sarvapriya Vishar, New Delhi-16. Phone: 011-26515949


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