Earn More With Revenue Sharing Sites

When luck meets hard-work you become Successful blogger. There are few places in the webworld, with help of those you can start earning without owning a site or blog. Yes its true I am talking about revenue sharing site. General Advantages with these sites are, These sites generally will have high page rank, means if you post here your cost per click will be more than blog(with low page rank) and Easy to use.
one I like is Hubpages. Some advantages with hubpages.
You can easily integrate your publisher code. It supports publisher codes from google, Amazon, ebay, and Kontera kontera ContentLink Publisher Center What more you want man.

Recently I found out one more such site ieXomba This site shares Google Adsense revenue 50/50 with its users. It automatically switches between your publisher ID and Xomba publisher ID.


Well you need proof right. One can easily track down the earnings from such sites using google adsense channels, here we go.
120$ in last four months quite good for a beginner.
Advantages remains same, with little knowledge of HTML, little knowledge of blogging, little knowledge of SEO and all, still you can earn online.

still have question you can comment on, or start using Xomba and hubpages now. If you know more such site let us know.

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10 thoughts on “Earn More With Revenue Sharing Sites

    1. thanks for your valuable suggestions. will try infolinks.. never tried it.. does infolinks and google adsense go together…can i place both infolinks and adsense adds together..?

    1. yes, agreed, recently i started with infolinks, and it rocks. just today i got Infolinks debit card which i can use in Indian ATM’s, only thing is to load money on this card there is around 35$ charges.. 🙂 hope this will reduce soon…

  1. i have lots of hubpages related to literature and medicine, i love to make new webpages each day;`*

  2. both Kontera and Infolinks are great programs that can monetize your website, i earn much better on Infolinks -,`

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