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Dogpile Single Search Box Engine Works on Metasearch

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Dogpile one more promising search engine works on metasearch. Six search engines to work on something in the same time it takes to use one? This is what we call metasearch. Dogpile Single Search Box Engine Works on Metasearch. Dogpile puts the power all the leading search engines – Google, Yahoo!, Live Search, and Ask – together in one search box to deliver the best combined results. The process is more efficient and yields more relevant results.
Why Dogpile ?
different search engines often return different search results for the same query. Based on everything from how information is arranged on a web page, to what each search engine pinpoints as most relevant, search results can vary widely across each search provider. Web’s best search engines in one place and deliver the most comprehensive and relevant results, and metasearch was born.
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one more aspect of this search engine is that, When you search, you will help support the ASPCA.
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
you can embedded search engine in ur site like
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