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Collect Data Using Google Docs Forms Its easy

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How to capture and store data using google docs application?
Today I was trying to collect data from my friends, Here I was using google docs to create the form;
Why to use google docs?
It provides me simple list of features
Create and share your work online
Upload from and save to your desktop
Edit anytime, from anywhere
Pick who can access your documents
Share changes in real time
Files are stored securely online
It’s FREE!

Steps use Google Spreadsheets
Here’s the general work flow –
Create a form from the Docs list or from any spreadsheet.

or you upload your Excel spreadsheet.
use the question answers for collecting the data from user.
This is the simple form which I have created using google docs.
Your form will be updated in google docs.
Click on share button and you can share this form with your friends for modifications.
click the Collaborate tab and just type the email address of your colleague with whom you want to wish to collaborate on the document.
one can set the notification for updates also.
You can publish this document or embedded form in your blog or site.
Thanks to google.

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