Benefit of Setting Different Time Zone for Blogging

If you are new blogger and want to earn a good two digit earning per day, This is yet another tip for you.
I was experimenting about time zone settings, which is available in settings page under formatting tab.
What was the experiment? I have set two blogs with two different time zones one for INDIA and another for USA time zone, I am basically from india so I need to compare with Indian time zone.
After changing time zones, I have started posting on both the blogs; as usual I am used to google.trends, looking at hot trends and posting related information on it. This was quite good.
What are the results and conclusions?
Results are I am getting regular double digit earnings (off course in dollers) per day, sometimes going to three digit also. Here is the proof; yesterday I earned 113$

What is benefit?
Due to time difference in USA and India I got much time to search and decide on right keywords, and also to peep into others keywords and used another hot keywords That’s simple.
So don’t wait apply this simple rule to get double digit earnings daily.
For more question comment on. Will be happy to answer your questions. This way I increased traffic and also made some quite happy readers.

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