April fool pranks day today..

All Fools Day or April Fools Day is Today; ie 1 st April.
You get a chance to show your emotions and anger, The worst April Fool’s prank will hit on google search.
Senesex crosses 20K mark;

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April Fool’s Day is today and it’s the perfect time to have a little fun with your co-workers. Before you start making a list of victims,

however, keep a few tips in mind when playing pranks at work:

* Avoid embarrassing your co-workers or making a disruption at work.
* Think ahead and consider all possible consequences of your prank.
* Don’t be mean — April Fool’s Day is supposed to be fun, not an opportunity for revenge.
* Remember that you’re a professional — some jokes just aren’t appropriate.
* If your boss is the target, be very, very careful.
* Keep pranks short, sweet, and simple.
pranks ways
Unplug a co-workers keyboard or make a few small, unnoticeable changes, such as switching the “M” and “N” key.
Play “Eye of the Tiger” every time your boss walks in.
for more tips

Lip service concept has not worked; rests are so dot-on accurate…
Touch screens, e-learning, teleconferencing, digital books
wd get to see how PC looked in 80s!!!!

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