10 Step Guide For Adding Site Into Google Search Engine

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For beginners To get into Google Adsense program, I believe you should have something=unique on your blog/site, then next important thing is you must be indexed into alt-least one search engine, your blog is not yet indexed into google or yahoo search engine, do it Now, Here is 10 step guide to get indexed into Google.

To get quickly indexed in google, Have some ORIGINAL contents, write at least 10 posts, submit your blog to search engine and various sites,

How to submit blog/site to google search engine?
Before you begin, login to blogspot.com and be ready with your blog URL, (don’t close this window you need to visit blog settings soon)

  1. Add URL to Google search engine using this link or direct link http://www.google.com/addurl/
  2. Go to webmasters tools https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/dashboard
  3. Copy and paste your blog URL Now press add site,
  4. Then it will go to next page which says Verify your ownership to view detailed statistics and errors for it.
    and Next Step
    Verify your site. By verifying your site you can access comprehensive statistics and crawl errors about the pages in your site.
  5. Click on verify your site
    default status it will show as
    Verification status: NOT VERIFIED (shows in red)
  6. Choose verification method
    Generally for blogspot platform choose verification method as “Add a meta tag”,
    Place meta tag after the “” tag and before the “” tag
    example shown there. (Keep this window open you need to come back here again.)
  7. Copy this meta tag, Then go to http://www.blogger.com/home, click on blog layout, go to edit HTML tab and place the code as shown in example, exactly under “head” tag,
    If you are seeing this code in blogsopt.com for the first time then just copy meta tag code from webmaster below line number seven.
  8. Then click on save template.
  9. Now come back to google webmaster tools,
    And click on verify.
  10. This will take few second,
    and your new status will be
    Verification status: VERIFIED

  11. Next step is to add site map
    Go to sitemaps under google webmaster, (left side toolbar)
    There just copy “atom.xml?redirect=false” and press on submit sitemap,This will take Few minutes to get sitemap uploaded.

Check after few minutes (max five minutes), all your pages will be in URLs submitted, you can view the details for what pages are included and how sitemap looks just type your blog url before “atom.xml?redirect=false”

same steps are valid for adding your site into yahoo search engine, only site urls will differ check Google.

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