Yahoo Gains This Month Google Loss On Market Share

Google can attend most of the search engine queries ,the ask network is the biggest mover in the month of July ie last month  and it gains 6 percent search market share.

Microsoft gained in several part like health,travel sector the Bing show 30 percent improvement whereas Google show increase in single  digit and this is reported by Experian Hitwiser.

The new user keep B2B search Engine optimization to serve the internet users fast and exact need.The Bing follow this principal and gained over last month.Lets see what s the next step by Google.

Ask gained the most market share in July.


Comscore recently reported that American using more searches.Sixteen billion searches were performed where Google serving 10 million ie 60 percent among users.though Google serves it lost market share to yahoo which 20 percent in US.

The microsoft bing ,AOL,Ask are consistent over month.Yahoo serve more US search than bing and it covers 6 percent of  total search queries.


Reference press release data and for chart on google gain on this month

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