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Cameroon GCE A LEVEL Exam Results Day | GCSE Exam Results 2010 GCE A/AS

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The Cameroon G.C.E. Board Results 2010 GCE 2010 Result Updates GCE Advanced Level
The Advanced Level General Certificate of Education, commonly referred to as an A-level, is a qualification offered by education institutions in England, Northern Ireland, Cameroon and Wales. It is also offered by a small minority of institutions, typically private, in Scotland, where students usually take Highers and Advanced Highers of the Scottish Qualifications Certificate instead. A levels are usually studied over a two year period and are widely recognised around the world, as well as being the standard entry qualification for assessing the suitability of applicants for academic courses in UK universities.

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ca 2010 g c e results for A LEVELS

A/AS levels are also taken in many Commonwealth and former Commonwealth countries, including Bangladesh, Brunei, Cameroon, the Commonwealth Caribbean/CARICOM Territories, Cyprus, Ecuador, Ghana, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, India, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore,South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Zimbabwe. GCE A levels are similar to the American Advanced Placements.

GCE results websites.

  1. ie Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board.
  3. “GCE ‘A’ Level Curriculum”
  4. EducationUK – British Council USA
  5. A-levels GCSE results day,

CAMEROON GCE O LEVEL Results 2010 | Cameroon Gce Ordinary Level

31 Jul 2010 2010 GCE CAMEROON center and order of merit; Cameroon Gce Results 2010 And Centers In Order Of Merit Center Number 1075 Ordinary Levels

Gce A Level Results 2010 Cameroon | Center And Order Of Merit

31 Jul 2010 Here is update on Gce A Level Results 2010 Cameroon | Center And Order Of Merit | Cameroon GCE Advanced Level Results

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  1. admin says:

    2010 GCE Examination Results in Cameroon; Is the cameroon gce result out?
    cameroon general certificate of education,,Check @ Cameroon GCE (General Certificate of Education) 2009 Results @ ; The Cameroon G.C.E. Board Results 2010 GCE 2010 Result

  2. […] The Cameroon G.C.E. Board Results 2010 GCE 2010 Result Updates The Cameroon G.C.E. 2009 board result Updates. […]

  3. zebaze njieteu sam douglas says:

    sent zebaze sam douglas’s results in this mail

  4. Lionel Fomundam Tagyen
    P for D-IMIT-Douala.
    P O BOX 24112
    Littoral Region.
    Email address:
    Dear GCE Board,
    it is with due honor and respect for me to write to you.
    There is this problem with my Advance level certification, which carries a wrong date of birth from the Ordinary levels certification which has the correct date of birth.
    Please,i wish to find out if this mistake with the date of birth committed by the GCE Board can be resolved by you people still?
    Please i shall be very grateful if my request is granted.
    Thanks Yours sincerely

  5. admin says:

    Cameroon GCE Board Results 2010 Updates; Cameroon GCE Results 2010 CAMEROON GCE Result Day GCE Board Results

    The written and final part of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) examinations which kicked off last 31 May round up on 17 June.
    The marking exercise is expected to begin on 28 June when chief examiners will lay ground work. Examiners will effectively embrace the exercise 29 June and for seven days running, the marking of Ordinary Level papers will be over while the Advanced Level will take eight days.

    Important Note from GCE board
    Over the years there has been this alternation of marking between Bamenda and Buea for the Sciences or Arts subjects. That is to say if the Sciences were marked in the North West last year, then, this year, they will be marked in the South West.

    1. prince says:

      how and where can i get the A-level 2010 results online

  6. bobby says:

    how can i get the results online??

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  8. armel says:

    i wish to know when the A level results shall come out.

  9. t.t says:

    hello sirs,
    i had my o/l and a/l about 6 years back!if i have to upgrade my grade,is it going to be some sort of problem after which i have rounded up with my degree program.that is to say,tabling my first degree in 2010,o/l in 2011,then a/L in 2010!so i need ur response or nothing as well count much about this!


  10. Brian says:

    hi over there! i wish to verify if the results re out for as a matter of fact i have been online for some hours now but i was unable to vderify the results so please if at all its out i will apprecite if u guys can send the available website to my box so that i can verify the results for this year 2010.
    thanks fos your kind understanding!

  11. Ericantonald says:

    Just happy with the results of the GCE this year 2010 because my kid sister Awoh Caroline succeeded in the Advanced Level with very good grades.Thanks to God for all.

    Sent on a phone using

  12. please for results of the gce 2010 center number 1059

  13. please I wish to have the results of the gce advance level 2010 session of the center number 1059.

  14. Nish says:

    Please I wish to know my GCE A level result. Anyone can help me out?

  15. kish says:

    i wish to see a number that (59999545) is did the exam in 2010 a/l batch

  16. shakthi says:

    i did my o/l in 2007. but i didn’t get my re-correction result in post
    shall i get it now ?

  17. pooja says:

    can someone please tell me what are the schools in mumbai, India that take GCE A level?

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