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“The Metro” The movie metro reveals a new face of the metropolitan city Cochin. The director of this movie is dileep and this movie is being supported by the grand productions banner. The new movie shows the changing face of Cochin and the affects of the night time incidents for peoples in Cochin.

Tamil actor Sarath kumar acted in this movie and he plays the role of C.I of police with name as Jacob Alexander. The director of this movie is done by Bipin prabhakaran

The Metro Malayalam Movie Review

The story, script etc had being done by the film journalist vyasan edavanakad. The inauguration ceremony of this movie had being done at Le-Meridian hotels, Cochin.

Famous actors like mammootty lighted the lamp for the inauguration ceremony. Actors like suraj venjara mood, nivin poli, bhagat, biyone, arun were acting in this movie.

The story of the movie in brief is that five youth peoples had being arrived to participate an event at pala and they moved back to thiruvillamallai. During the journey they get trapped in Cochin and the movie move forward with the numerous incidents they faced at Cochin when they try to escape from there. The movie consists of the actions and stunt scenes between the notorious criminal “paruthi kadan” and “Jacob Alexander”. And the incidents the story of an employee anupama and her friend’s problems is also attached with the story at certain incidents that relates them with the four youth peoples.

This movie will be released soon; the success matter of the story depends on the comic star l suraj venjara mood and the tamil actor sharath kumars performance in the movie. The recently released pazhassi raja was a successful movie and the malayalis had accepted the acting of sharath kumar strong personality and hard character role in the movie. Hence this movie be also a great success “All the best the movie “The Metro” ”

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