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“Pranchiyettan” the new movie released recently which is running successfully in theaters. The actor mammootty plays a vibrant role in this movie. The director of this movie is renjith, and the amazing thing is he himself acts as producer and writer. Other actors in this movie are priyamani, jesse fox allen (A foreign actor who acts as saint francis of Assisi), innocent, master ganapathy, siddique, khushboo, jagathy sreekumar, biju menon.

The music director is Ouseppachan, cinematography done by: Venu isc, Editing: Vijay Shankar.

Story Pranchiyettan and the Saint

The story starts from pranchi talking to Saint francis Assisi about his own life. The story starts with a flashback to a quarrel between francis and jose to get there lady love named Omana. Francis had an affair to Omana but in the story jose had married Omana and they are now leading doctors in city.

The story improves from there to several incidents on which pranchi starts trying to achieve a padma sri award.  At that time an incident occurs that’s pranchi try to help his antony mash’s school and that year the school is trying to achieve  an 100% results but the boy named “Poly” became an issue for the school that is the boy will fail because of his poor performance. Pranchi adopts that boy and arranges a special tutor. But the boy fails for the exams but later pranchi identified that the boy has immense caliber and mental skills.

From here the story progress with several humorous incidents where pranchi realize who he is from the boy. The great specialty of this movie is a foreign actor is presented in this movie and his acting as “saint francis Assisi” is excellent. Through out the movie it shows funny incidents and gracious incidents.

The movie is running successfully in theaters because of the variety in the script. Usually from the action stories its a different one with good morals can be visualized and grabbed from this movie. Mammootty character role in this movie had moved forward the movie to a success. And this movie win the minds of viewers because the keralites look forward for stories with good morals than actions. Hence the movie wins in running successfully day by days at theaters.

“This movie had attracted people’s without age barriers. And the movie had being released recently and running successfully all over Kerala”

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