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After the successful running of the hit movie ‘Kalyanaraman” the dilip, shafi, benni .p. nayaramballam team forms a new movie “Marry has a lamb”. In this movie the actor dilip plays the role of “solaman kunjade” .The people call him “lamb” because of his sincerity and innocent nature. The actress in this movie is bhavana.


bijumenon, innesent, salimkumar, jagathi sreekumar, vijayaraghavan, anand, appahaj, kalabhavan shajone, saju kodiyan, kochu premen, vinaya Prasad, ranjusha menon, ponnama babu, ambika mohan are the other actors having main roles in this movie.

MARY HAS A LAMB Review and Story

This movie shows the love story of 2 generations and also the movies shows the changing situation of love at these generations.

Etichan was staying at the diosce where mary is staying they where in love with each other but at the end etichan forced to marry an another girl and also marry will marry an another person.

The name of etichan daughter is “mary” he had put that name for the memory of her loved girl,and “soloman kunjade”( he is the son of mary) in this story they fell in love with each other. But etichan won’t allow them to marry but they were decided to marry on whatever things happen. Etichan won’t allow them to marry each other because he doesn’t like what he didn’t have at time of there affair.

Dilip plays the role of soloman kunjade and bhavana plays the role of mary. The role of etichan had being played by innescent , and his afair mary is being acted by vinayaprasad.

The musician of this movie is baby ignaceous and the lines for the songs are written by anil pachuran.

The story(movie) can be a great success because of the powerful actors like dilip who had played role in majority of comic mixed serious actors where the role of him is a better for the story’s which is taken on village background. And his face suits for this type of characters which have to produce emotional as well a comedy mixed acting too


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