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The movie is a real life story of the incident that happened in trichur . The people at that place cannot forget about saraswathiammal and her son who’s mentally irritated one “raju”. She was running behind her son with a rope tied to the son’s lower body part.

Saraswathiammal who can’t go for any works and slept at the sides of shops with her son is now becoming a movie. For the past fourty ears this was a regular seen in the streets of trichur is now converted into a movie with the director “A.K.Devaraj” .

Actress sukumari is acting as “Saraswathiammal” and jagathisreekumar as “raju”.

As hearing the story jagathi didn’t show any type of bargaining on the reward amount, that much he liked the script. In this movie the director in Malayalam industry who produces low cost films is also present in this movie. The director knows Saraswathiammal”and “raju” for the past thirty years.

Saraswathy born in a tamil brahmin family with an immense knowledge in music. And son raju was working as steno in Mumbai. One day raju was effected by some diseases and due to that reason his wife left him from the flat with saraswathyamaal with him.From that day Saraswathiammal and raju were in streets beging for food and shelter. For some days they stayed in Mumbai and left that place and came to trichur.

At initial stage raju was fairly reacted to his illness. But then he’s converted into into a mentaly  retarded stage where he will act as childish with her mother running behind him for giving food. And the story in depthly shows each moments and happenings in there life.

Supporting Actors”

K.P.C.Lalitha, Saiju kurup, Urmila Unni, shivaji guruvayoor, Krishnan potti, Madamb kunjikutan etc are the actors in the movie. Hence in all aspects, this movie will be a heart touching movie with a real life story and peoples revealed through it.
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