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“August 15th

Mamooty is back in the new movie named “August 15th”. Mamooty is acting as a police officer in the new movie named as “ perumal”. In this movie the director “shaji kailas” introduced a new technique in this movie from the other movies with a special visual effects and dialogues with an effective numbers.

After a period of 22 years with the name of the police officer perumal is back after the movie “August 1st”. The name “perumal” was famous from that time itself of the extraordinary performance of the police officer in august 1st.

The story is having a rebirth through the writer S.N.Swami. The Chiefminister who become a single member in his party due to his decisions became a scrap in eyes for every one in the party. The some one planned to kill him. To prevent and protect the chief minister perumal coming back, as mamooty the police officer in this movie.

Without wearing the uniform the actor in the movie august one “perumal” was a icon in that movie , where mamooty converted that character into an icon in the Malayalam film industry.

As Dysp of the state where mamooty is protecting chief minister from the hands of killers made perumal and also mamooty a better platform for mamooty in his film industry career.

In 1988 Sibimalayil directed the movie august 1st. The director changed but the perumal is introduced in the new movie by S.N.Swami.

In August 1st the perumal is behind the killerman who tried to assisn chiefminister.But in august 15th there had being some attacks planned by someone to assassin chiefminister and in this movie perumal is behind those who is planned and trying to kill chief minister

And also he’s trying to protect chief minister from an another attack.

The new story with the name perumal is introduced now due to the famous Malayalam actor “Mamooty”.

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