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“Balu” The person who doesn’t have much hope in his life, even though the situations of life had given a good background for balu, destiny had made a lot of experiments in his life. At last he reached at the hands of the production controller of movies “kichu manjalli”.


Kichu had helped balu for a short period but he can’t escape or move away from balu, also he became the person to prevent balu. And the story moves forward with the incidents that he has to face during his later life.

“Balu” by actor: Jayaram.

The balu joined with the cinema units and at last he can’t escape from this and cinema became a part of his life and the forward journey in his life is filled of difficulties.

“Soorya” Her story is also not different. Accidentally she get a role in movie and her acting on that movie made her famous and she became a person who cannot move to a family life and cannot concentrated in family matters

By combining these two stories the director is trying to make a movie inside the “movie”.

As the director in the movie it is sidique, as production controller kichumalik acting done by sooraj venjarumood, as producer inside the movie by janardanan, as makeupman lorence by salimkumar etc had acted in this movie.

MAKEUPMAN Cast and Crew

Musician: vidyasagar had sung the songs in this movie composed by kaithapuram.

CAMERAMAN: azhakapan

ART: gireesh menon

MAKEUP: Patanam Rashid

DRESSING & COSTUMES: s.b. stheesh.

EDITTING: v.sajan

STILLS: jayaprakash payanoor.



PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE: kichi poojapura, satheesh kavilkotta


The movie is planned to shoot at various places of Cochin, Trivandrum, Singapore.


“this movie reveals the facts and life situation of those peoples who are working in film industry, the competition, pain, sufferings of the various level of individuals had being explained in detail in this movie”

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