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This movie gives importance for love, songs and actions also it has more importance in detective mode of finding cases. alby, soumitran, sudhi, viramani, bionne, jannet, priya were studying at a prestigious institute in Bangalore. They planned to enjoy one vacation holidays at kerala. Without the knowledge of there parents, friends and college staffs they moved to kerala, they traveled in an Hi-tech bus they had specific plans in there mind but on the journey one strange girl enter there bus and the journey continues………

Suddenly after 1Km the bus stops some enters the bus and try to take away the lady forcefully here viramani engaged in this matter and escaped that lady from the hands of the strangers.

Related to this a lot of problems was waiting for them when they arrived back at college. The one among them sudhi’s girl friends engagement has being already over the purpose of this friends journey was to escape sudhi’s girl from this marriage where she doesn’t like. Meera is the daughter of the MLA K.P. Lekha is murdered by someone.

C.I Vinodkumar had taken the investigation charge of this case and the friends are not able to stand in kerala because of this severe investigation. With meera they move to munnar, but someone is there behind them and they feel they will be killed by some stranger who’s following them. The movie forwards through the suspense that the director tried to keep it at all times through out the movie.

“This movie will be released soon in all theaters within a short duration……. Wait for the suspense to be revealed”


DIRECTOR: Dr. M. M. Atlas Ramachandran Nair.


ARTIST: vinumohan, rejeth menon, sudeesh, anoop chandran, beyond, muktha, janakan, kalabhavan mani, harisree ashokan, anil murali, kiran raj, karate raju, nimisha, urmila unii, ambika, mohan, mini arun, joli essho. Etc …

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